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Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if the IT systems we used simply worked and did everything we needed them to do, even reminding us when we needed to do them. Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to worry about security, audits and having to spend hours on reports that only ever give us half the story. Wouldn't it be amazing if the systems we used actually helped us reduce our costs rather than just adding to them.

In these modern times every business is different and have their own unique individual needs.  Do we have a flexible workforce that will need access either on-premises or via web, mobile, and cloud? Do we communicate via sms or email, and will we need integrated document management?

With so much choice in the market place it can be a minefield to find that solution that is right for us and at a price that doesn't mean we have to compromise on our aspirations.

Established in 2001 as one of the world’s first secure web based Facilities and Asset Management Solutions, Wave Business Applications is a software company that makes the difference by designing  solutions that don't just fix a problem, they design solutions to be the best they can be.

In 2017 Wave took up the challenge to create a fully integrated property and contractor asset management solution specifically designed for the housing sector, combining all of the elements that you would expect from the best of breed solutions into a single, intuitive and user-friendly system.

''Since 2001 we have been creating bespoke maintenance and Asset Management systems for organisations such as London underground  whose challenges and needs went beyond the solutions that were available in the market.

Creating a solution for the housing sector in the UK was a natural evolution for us and allowed us to combine everything we'd learnt into a single fully integrated platform.

Admittedly it hasn't been an easy journey as the housing sector has its own unique individual needs and aspirations. Our values have always been about making solutions to be the very best they can be, and having the opportunity to create a system that could make a real difference in the sector is exactly in-line with who we are as a business.

We have now launched our system and we hope that when people see it,  it will help set a new standard in the market and show what can be achieved when you put the customer into the driving seat of development''.

Kevin Ballard - Joint owner and Director

Wave Business Applications



  • A single source of truth for all of your data

  • Fully accessible via the web on mobile, pc and tablet

  • Updates in real-time

  • Designed with both the housing association and contractor in mind

  • Full labour and material costing

  • Resource, contractor and sub-contractor management for reactive and planned works

  • Integrated comprehensive document management

  • Alerts and granular reporting that can be tailored to your specific needs

  • Integrated auditing capabilities


and much more….


There's no separate modules with Wave's Property Asset Management solution, everything is included on a single platform providing a simple and easy way to have everything you need under a single licence.

Wave Business Applications could be one of the UK's best kept secrets as rather than investing in sales and marketing they invest in the people who make their core values come to life through the software that they create. 

Wave always welcomes the opportunity to show people their solutions first hand, because ultimately, seeing is believing.

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