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Available as a module or as a standalone system, our new Site Access Manager allows comprehensive control of contractors and other visitors to your sites:

  • Completely flexible configuration of digital site access information collection to replace paper forms or formatted e-mails with in-built validation.

  • Can be set up to prompt applicants to upload documents at any point in the application.

  • Easily supply documents for applicants to download, complete and then upload to support their application.

  • Configurable review and sign off stages with flexible review routing to allow users with different roles to review.

  • Facility to easily send a PDF summary of the application via e-mail or via the portal for registered users including any terms and notes applicable to the authorised access.

  • Query process so all stages of the application are transparent to authorised users.

  • Each step in the process can be supported by e-mail prompts and in-tray work-flow for users with accounts.

  • Full event history of actions.

  • Search and report by contractor, status, date range and applicable sites.

  • Choice of application by invitation, secure login to a site access portal or self service depending on your needs.

Although Site Access Manager was designed to support complex applications by contractors, simplified on-line applications can be configured for general visitors and other controlled building access.

Benefits from having a one-stop site access suite include streamlined applications, in-process validation, better control for site managers, ease of use for applicants and immediate access to check progress and handle queries, amongst other.

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