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The background 
Moyne London is an electrical contractor that provides design, installation, maintenance and testing to some very high end clients and prestigious projects throughout London. In the 25 years of trading they have proven themselves to be one of the country’s leading electrical contractors.

An example of their client base includes B Sky B, Bank of America, Selfridges and McLaren. Their success is founded on innovative solutions, excellent communications and their highly qualified staff. Many of their clients enjoy a long term relationship with Moyne as a trusted high quality supplier.

The task 
Continued success is not a given and Moyne is driven to always improve customer service and provide innovative solutions. This helps ensure clients receive the service and value they have grown to expect and in turn help support Moynes balance sheet.
With multiple projects live at the same time and a growing order book their need to support project delivery with a comprehensive back of house system was evident. Moyne looked to a software solution to manage the important but mundane administrative tasked that absorbed much of their time. They turned to WAVE and got more than they expected with the tailored solution the WAVE team provided.

The solution 
WAVE and the Moyne team worked quickly to ‘flesh’ out their requirements and convert this into a practical application that the company could use and that everyone saw value in. Within six weeks a tailored back of house solution had been discussed, developed, tested and implemented. The fast track approach used some of the WAVE pre-developed business modules to speed the implementation with proven technology. Other system components were tailor made to deliver Moyne's specific requirements.

 Moyne now have a close to fully automated system that;

  • Allows staff to log on/off from each project with their mobile phones and reduce paperwork.

  • Their location is automatically logged to manage deployment logistics.

  • Hours worked, including overtime is recorded by project and wage sheets prepared.

  • Materials are managed via an inventory module.

  • Project costs are managed on a real time basis, meaning invoices are issued promptly with a transparent audit trail.

  • The system manages client’s Statutory Compliance obligations as well as their own trade and professional qualifications and membership. The relevant recipient receiving an automated message to book courses or renew memberships in good time before their expiry.

  • Behind the scenes it manages the issue of Purchase Orders and provides instant access to a complete document library of operation manuals, warranties and the like via a phone or tablet.

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