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The Wave system was used to provide a database of all London Underground sites and their assets, and also manage planned maintenance programmes.

The background 
London Underground (LUL) Asset Performance Directorate (APD) is a division within Transport for London  that looks after 200 sites including office buildings, training centres, yards, engineering workshops, storage facilities and substations.  
LUL wanted a more streamlined facilities management solution, and wanted full control of their own FM data without having to rely on the FM supplier’s software. The Wave System was chosen in preference to Concept Evolution because of its richer functionality and price competitiveness.  

The task 
The Wave system was initially selected to provide a database of all London Underground APD sites and their respective assets, along with the functionality to manage reactive and planned preventative maintenance programmes. 
The existing FM Concept data needed to be migrated seamlessly from prior FM Suppliers into the Wave system, which entailed significant data cleansing and asset naming standardisation.    

The solution 
With the Wave system now in place, LUL now has readily accessible data to monitor the performance of their FM supplier.  
The system holds details more than 100,000 assets across the LUL property portfolio and processes more than 20,000 reactive or planned maintenance jobs per year. Should the FM supplier change, LUL will still retain all the critical asset data including statutory compliance maintenance history. 
Workflow and operations have been vastly improved, and the mobile elements of Wave allow operatives to better manage their workload on site, wherever they may be.

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